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Der Fuhrer in Obersalzberg

#88 Der Fuhrer in Obersalzberg

662. Photo Hoffmann, Munchen, Theresienstr, 74 Nachdruck verboten
13th August 1936.
These are some boys of the Hitler Youth Movement they were black velvet shorts and brown shirts and more or less correspond to our Scouts I think. We discovered on Monday that a new postman had put Sunday’s post in a letterbox that isn’t used now down at the gate so that was why there was no post on Sunday and two letters from Mum on Monday. There was a letter from Auntie yesterday and a Bulletin (with a photograph of H.H.Shepherd) [relative] from father yesterday. I hope Auntie has a very nice time at Carluke and Fife it will make a nice little holiday for her going to the two places. Today we’re being taken to visit a school of domestic science who’s head teacher is a friend of Frau von Kaneke’s and on Saturday I think Miss Dawkings [Jane] and I will go Wiemar with Best Love From Helen.

Der Fuhrer in Obersalzberg


August 13th, 1936 at 9:56 pm

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