postcards and photos from the early-mid 1900s

Munchen, Deutches Museum

Dear Auntie, This shows you how elaborate the stonework of the bridges is, you can see the heads carved on the side of the further away bridge too. It’s all very dazzling in bright sunlight and looks lovely. On Saturday we’re going on excursion ??? the Alps Uberammegan (???) with the ??? students at the university and on Sunday there is another excursion on the river bar in big rafts so we’ll being seeing some of the country outside of Munich then. Much Love from Helen.

Munchen, Deutches Museum



Munchen, Deutches Museum

A. Lengauer, Munchen Nr 67

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Munchen Deutches Museum

Dear Mum,  Thankyou for your letter - with Dorothy’s enclosed- which came today. Aren’t the p.c’s just marvelous? I’m sending as many as I can, so that we can have an album of them, and there are still dozens more! I keep a note of which ones I’m sending. Tell father that I’ve a great variety of stamps for the next few letters., but I don’t want to put them on postcards as it would ruin the p.c.tearing off the stamp. There is a Serenade concert tonight - a quintette playing in the open air- and it starts at 9 in the residency, so we’e going to it in about half an hour. Much love from Helen

Munchen Deutshes Museum



Munchen Deutshes Museum


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