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Enerett Mittet & Co. A.s - Oslo.

#115 Enerett Mittet & Co. A.s - Oslo.

26th June 1950.
Hope all are well, Love from Mum.
We are doing a tour in a bus today and stopped here. Then on a steamer along two fjords; cup of tea at an hotel at Granium[?] at head of fjord and another on the way back at same hotel. Lunch on the steamer. This is one of the nicest islands [???], and we are having a very interesting holiday. We are wearing the washing frocks and the hotel and bedrooms have central heating, we can’t get childrens postcards.

Enerett Mittet & Co. A.s - Oslo.


June 26th, 1950 at 11:55 pm

3 Responses to “Enerett Mittet & Co. A.s - Oslo.”

  1. Deepayan Says:

    This is one of the Beautiful Iceland I ever seen…wanna experience the beauty once if get chance..

  2. Steven C. Olson Says:

    I inherited a large collection of postcards that were from Norway and some of which were made by Mittet & Co dating back to 1906. Some of the cards are in mint condition and of course some have been through the postal system in Norway by my ancestors. I am currently cataloging them on my computer and am wondering if some may have a value (preferably the mint postcards). Thank you your time and hope to hear from soon.

    Steven C. Olson

  3. admin Says:

    I have recently come across a whole stack of ones from Bermuda that I’ll be adding soon. I will be updating/modernising the site and making it easier to view/comment/share etc.

    Not sure if there’s any money in them, I’m not an expert I’m afraid!

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