postcards and photos from the early-mid 1900s

Holms Hotel, Norway

#114. Holms Hotel, Norway

HOLMS HOTEL, Geilo, Norway. 2700 feet above sea level.
One of the most modern hotels in Norway.
In winter there is always an ubundance of snow and the climate is excellent.
Marked routes in various directions. Season December - May.
In Summer the weather is generally pleasant. Marked paths in the mountains.
Fishing, Tennis court, Garages.

26th June 1950.
Dear John,
I hope you like this postcard, down in the corner you can see a reindeer pulling a sledge, the trains are often electric and <s>have</s> are poitned in front so that they can plough through the snow.
Lots of love,

Holms Hotel, Norway


June 26th, 1950 at 1:14 pm

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