postcards and photos from the early-mid 1900s

Helsinki, Kulosaaren Kasino

#120 Helsinki, Kulosaaren Kasino



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Taormina - Rudere del Teatsa con veduta dell’Etna

#119 Tasarmina - Rudere del Teatsa con veduta dell’Etna

Ediz. M. Conti - Taormina

1938 - Fotogravure Cesare Caperto-Milano

My Dear Helen,

I am enjoying ??? ??? days here in Scililia[???]. The weather is not good and I am waiting for the summer.

Please accept my most cordial regards and best wishes for you and yours

Yours Faithfully

Fridl Ghaeur [???]



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Genova - Chiostro di S. Andrea

#118 Genova - Chiostro di S. Andrea

30-642 Edit. Brunner & C., Como - Ripr viet 1937.
25th July 1938
Your send of [???] his luck.[???] The weather has been ideal all the way, altho’ it is tropical now there is always a cooling breeze from the sea. That is the [???] of [???] on the [???]. I shall be very glad to hear from you.
All love
[Betty Spence]

Genova - Chiostro di S. Andrea


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Napoli - Il Vesuvio da Posillipo

#117 Napoli - Il Vesuvio da Posillipo

1361 Casa Editrica
Ditta R. Zedda di V.Carcavalio - Napoli
Riproduzione interdetta

I hope you didn’t think my congratulations too late to be acceptable.
I was pleased[?] to hear I  [???]

Napoli - Il Vesuvio da Posillipo


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Der Fuhrer in Obersalzberg

#88 Der Fuhrer in Obersalzberg

662. Photo Hoffmann, Munchen, Theresienstr, 74 Nachdruck verboten
13th August 1936.
These are some boys of the Hitler Youth Movement they were black velvet shorts and brown shirts and more or less correspond to our Scouts I think. We discovered on Monday that a new postman had put Sunday’s post in a letterbox that isn’t used now down at the gate so that was why there was no post on Sunday and two letters from Mum on Monday. There was a letter from Auntie yesterday and a Bulletin (with a photograph of H.H.Shepherd) [relative] from father yesterday. I hope Auntie has a very nice time at Carluke and Fife it will make a nice little holiday for her going to the two places. Today we’re being taken to visit a school of domestic science who’s head teacher is a friend of Frau von Kaneke’s and on Saturday I think Miss Dawkings [Jane] and I will go Wiemar with Best Love From Helen.

Der Fuhrer in Obersalzberg


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8/44 Norge. Stalheim Turisthotell. Naeroydalen.

#116 8/44 Norge. Stalheim Turisthotell. Naeroydalen.

Eberh B Oppi A/S Kunstforlag. Oslo

This is where we are today. We came by bus, then three hours from here to Flam[???] by steamer, and then by electric train. There are no film spools of any kind in Norway. They had quite nice knitted jackets up at Stalheim but we only stopped for 10mins. We still hoave Berger shops. Woolworths yahct a very posh affair was anchored along side our wee steamer. THanks for the letter and I hope you find us better now. Love to both Dorothy.

8/44 Norge. Stalheim Turisthotell. Naeroydalen.


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Kleiner Besuch auf Obersalazberg

#87 Kleiner Besuch auf Obersalazberg

562a. Photo Hoffmann, Munchen, Theresienstr, 74 Nachdruck verboten

Kleiner Besuch auf Obersalazberg


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Enerett Mittet & Co. A.s - Oslo.

#115 Enerett Mittet & Co. A.s - Oslo.

26th June 1950.
Hope all are well, Love from Mum.
We are doing a tour in a bus today and stopped here. Then on a steamer along two fjords; cup of tea at an hotel at Granium[?] at head of fjord and another on the way back at same hotel. Lunch on the steamer. This is one of the nicest islands [???], and we are having a very interesting holiday. We are wearing the washing frocks and the hotel and bedrooms have central heating, we can’t get childrens postcards.

Enerett Mittet & Co. A.s - Oslo.


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Auch ich wunsche Dir alles Gute, mein Fuhrer!

#86. Auch ich wunsche Dir alles Gute, mein Fuhrer!

27th August 1933.
The post brought a letter from Mum (with Abby’s enclosed) this morning and one from Rena. Abby’s is very funny and I’ll send it on later when I’ve answered it. I bought a funny little camera yesterday for 1.50 (1/-6) which takes pictures the size of a stamp and we’re amusing ourselves very much with it.
28th August 1933
The above was written about a fortnight ago and not finished. We spent all yesterday in Rhottenburg, a very old little town further south and had a great day. This pm we’re down at our usual place on the riverside and George and I have swum across and back. It was lovely over on the other side and we lay and toasted ourselves on some newly cut hay. Tonight we have another concert in the schule Best love Helen.

Auch ich wunsche Dir alles Gute, mein Fuhrer!


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Holms Hotel, Norway

#114. Holms Hotel, Norway

HOLMS HOTEL, Geilo, Norway. 2700 feet above sea level.
One of the most modern hotels in Norway.
In winter there is always an ubundance of snow and the climate is excellent.
Marked routes in various directions. Season December - May.
In Summer the weather is generally pleasant. Marked paths in the mountains.
Fishing, Tennis court, Garages.

26th June 1950.
Dear John,
I hope you like this postcard, down in the corner you can see a reindeer pulling a sledge, the trains are often electric and <s>have</s> are poitned in front so that they can plough through the snow.
Lots of love,

Holms Hotel, Norway


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